Fire Safety in Student Homes by Luxury Student Homes

When it comes to fire statistics, student households are far more likely to catch fire than regular households. There are several reasons for this, partly because students can typically more laid back when it comes to safety and keeping the house free of fire hazards. We take fire safety extremely seriously at LSH, so please read our tips for fire safety in student homes below.

Keep The Kitchen Clean:

It is easy in a student household for dishes to pileup and let dirty clothes linger around the shared living space, however all of these things create fire hazards and make things very difficult to put out a fire if one does break out, especially a mountain of dishes is preventing you from accessing the tap!

Don’t Smoke:

This is a basic rule in Luxury Student Homes property and many other student accommodation providers, not only to preserve the house for other users, but to minimise the risk of fire. If you are a smoker, please do so outside of the house in the garden or outside the front door. Smoking inside or even out of an open window will increase the risk of a fire breaking out.

Don’t Overload Power Sockets:

Overloading power sockets is a basic fire tip that can

Know where your Fire Blankets & Fire Extinguishers Are.

In your student home, fire blankets will be clearly visible and accessible. (We will make this obvious to you when you move into an LSH home) In the event of a fire, remember to stay calm and don’t tackle the fire yourself if it gets out of control. To use a fire extinguisher, first ensure that this is the correct fire extinguisher for the type of fire at hand. Remove the safety pin from the handle, hold the fire extinguisher by the handle and point the nozzle towards the flame. Squeeze the handle to use.

How to use a Fire Blanket

Use Your Common Sense!:

  • In the event of a fire, keep calm and call the fire brigade if you cannot handle the fire yourself.
  • Check your smoke alarms are working regularly (We reccommend every 2 weeks)
  • Follow the house rules and do not smoke indoors

For more information and fire safety tips please visit the official Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Website here:

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